Cricut Vinyl Text on Tiles

This vinyl text on tiles project has been on my mind ever since I found a box of unused tiles in our garage after we moved in. It was left behind by previous owners (or previous to previous owners). The pieces are pretty much brand new and I decided to put a couple of them to use in this project. I picked three (two green and one white), designed the text and got to work. Here are the steps.


  • tile (3 pieces)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cloth
  • Cricut machine w/tools
  • Cricut mat
  • t-square
  • scissors
  • vinyl – Pewter
  • transfer tape
  • X-acto knife
  • yarn and glue (if planning to hang it)

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 hours


  • Using a piece of cloth (or paper towel), clean the tiles with rubbing alcohol and set aside.
  • In Word, type up your text. I used SWIsot1 in various sizes and saved each word (or two for ‘life is’ because it was going on the same line) as a separate picture using SnipIt. I did it this way to avoid having too much empty space around words when printing. By doing each one separately, I could control layout better to minimize the use of vinyl being used. 
  • Moving on to the Cricut process now, make sure your machine is plugged in and turned on. 
  • After you measure how much vinyl you’ll need, cut enough from the roll to fit your text.
  • Remove the transparent protective cover from the mat and place your vinyl piece on the top left side.
  • Place the mat in the right position to start the printing process.
  • Log into your account and open up a new project. Upload the pictures you just saved with SnipIt.
  • In a new project space, start bringing in your pictures and arranging them as tightly as possible. Follow the steps to make it and select the right size for the material to be used. The text will be rearranged slightly but that’s okay. Proceed to execute the cutting process.
  • When done, remove the mat with vinyl from the machine and slowly start pealing off the background vinyl with a weeding tool (or different tool if easier).
  • The letters are delicate and will take some patience to get through this step!

TIP 1: The size for ‘life is’ was much too small and the letters flimsy, so I couldn’t get the weeding done well enough to keep them intact. I had to redo those two words in a thicker font and in a handwriting style (Brush Script), which kept the letters together and was easier to weed when printed. 

  • When done, use strips of transfer tape to get your text off the mat and onto the tile. Do one at a time and slowly because they’re somewhat hard to remove and re-position once they’re attached on the tile.  

TIP 2: I discovered that I could reuse the same transfer tape several times! A small moment of joy because I ended up with less waste in the end, which is always a victory in my book.

  • If you’re planning to hang them, consider using yarn – I used two colors and twisted them before gluing them on the back of the tiles. 
  • All done and ready to hang!

P.S. The reason why I chose this text for this vinyl text on tiles project is because my favorite author is Eckhart Tolle and, if you’re familiar with his work, you know that at the center of his teaching is the present moment. He teaches us to live in the present, because that’s when life happens. I read his books and listened to him many times, but ‘living in the present’ is not always easy, especially when you have a busy and loud mind that gets in the way all the time. These tiles are meant to serve as daily reminders – to live in the present. Every time I see them, I remember to take a deep breath and enjoy now. 

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