Fabric roses

Fabric Flowers from IKEA Curtain

I purchased BORGHILD IKEA curtains for our dinning room windows a few years ago. After trimming the bottom part to shorten them, I ended up with some leftovers that I saved. I decided to put one of these pieces to use with these fabric flowers (that kind of look like roses).  


  • IKEA BORGHILD curtains (or any other leftover fabric)
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Glue gun
  • Stem wire

Time: 30-45 minutes per flower

Difficulty: Easy


First, either draw out some petals or find some free templates online; I did the later.I resized them in Word before printing and ended up with six different petal sizes – three for the smaller flowers (1-3) and three for the larger ones (4-6).

After printing them, I cut each petal and set them aside.

Here’s the piece I used for these flowers. I ironed it before moving to the next step.


Next, I used Mod Podge to stiffen the fabric. I did this for two reasons: a) stiff fabric holds better that soft fabric when shaped in these flowers; and b) Mod Podge keeps the edges from fraying, which is very helpful. I covered the fabric with Mod Podge in batches using a brush. You can do the whole piece if easier. Let it dry.

Once dry, the stiffness is the fabric is very noticeable. I placed the petals on the piece that was ready and started tracing them with a pencil. I placed them as close as I could to maximize my fabric use.

Using scissors, I cut around each petal. I used 5-6 in each size for each flower. With three different petal sizes, each flower has approximately 15-18 petals. 

I purchased these stalks because I didn’t have anything at home that would work for this purpose. All it is is wire wrapped in some kind thick brown paper. Plain stiff wires would work too if you have some on hand.The pack came with six long ones. I cut them in half and ended up with twelve. I used all of them for this project. 

Using a hot glue gun, start gluing the petals over the stem. But first, do the middle piece. I had a bunch of small scraps after cutting the petals and that’s what I used to make mine. I wrapped them tightly around the stalk and glued the edges. 

Once the middle piece is done, start gluing the petals. Begin with the smaller sized ones first (1). Glue the petals in different positions around the st, then move on to the next size (2). Finish the outer layers with the largest sized petals (3). 

I used more scrap pieces to wrap around the bottom of the petals, to create the receptacle. 

With the three larger pieces (4,5,6), I did the same process. I ended up with 6 small and 6 large flowers. 

fabric roses

I pulled open some of the outer petals and then placed the flowers in a vase..it’s actually a pot from IKEA that I wasn’t using. It works great for this project. And here’s the end result. 

diy fabric roses

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