Planter Boxes

If, after completing the layout, you decide to use planters for your garden, now is the time to get them built. The type and size of your planter boxes will vary depending on your specific requirements. If you’re planting a Square Foot Garden (‘SFG’), having the SFG book will come in really handy. It walks […]

Garden Layout Planning

Deciding where your garden will be located is one of the first steps you need to take. Sunlight, space availability, water access, etc. must be taken into account in your garden layout planning. You need to also decide at this stage whether you’ll be using planter boxes or if you will plant directly into the soil, […]

Vinyl Tape Mountain

If you’re not up for drawing mountain/s on your wall, make them out of some vinyl tape! It’s (relatively) easy, inexpensive and fun (if you’re into that sort of stuff 😊). Here’s how I made the vinyl tape mountain for one of the bedroom walls. TOOLS AND MATERIALS: 1/4″ vinyl tape 1/2″ vinyl tape Blue […]

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