planter boxes

Planter Boxes

If, after completing the layout, you decide to use planters for your garden, now is the time to get them built. The type and size of your planter boxes will vary depending on your specific requirements. If you’re planting a Square Foot Garden (‘SFG’), having the SFG book will come in really handy. It walks you though each step of the process, including how to build your boxes. YouTube is also a great resource if you need to follow the steps visually. Either way, research and plan before you execute.

Here’s how we built our boxes.

Square Foot Garden Boxes

The SFG method discusses primarily building 4 feet x 4 feet boxes; however, you can easily modify the setup if your space needs to accommodate different sizes. We built ours to be 6 x 3 because of the space requirements; we added a 2 x 2 because we had enough materials and just enough space for this small bonus box. It will work great for invasive plants, like mint.

We purchased 6 pieces of 6 inches wide x 8 feet long untreated pine and used all of the wood. We built 2 boxes of 6 x 3 and 1 box of 2 x 2 (including the inner divider). The bottoms of these boxes have landscape fabric attached with nails because we wanted drainage, while containing the soil and keeping it separate from the gravel and pavers underneath it. We made the grid from pine trim. It sits on top of the soil (added later) and it is not attached to the boxes. 

Potted Planter Boxes

We built a second set of boxes for potted veggies – tomatoes, squash and cucumber, using some leftover wood from the fence and new wood for the frame. We didn’t use this wood for the other boxes because it would come in direct contact with the soil. The wood was treated and painted over at some point before being installed, many years ago, and, therefore, not suitable for planters where veggies grow in direct contact with the wood. These second set of upcycled boxes were going to have pots in them where the plants would grow. We didn’t use any specific building method for these boxes. We built them to fit the amount of pots going in each in the allotted space. 

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