vinyl wall mountain

Vinyl Tape Mountain

If you’re not up for drawing mountain/s on your wall, make them out of some vinyl tape! It’s (relatively) easy, inexpensive and fun (if you’re into that sort of stuff 😊). Here’s how I made the vinyl tape mountain for one of the bedroom walls.


Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 hours

  • Determine the location and proportions of your shapes.
  • Draw on a paper or computer what your mountains will look like.
  • Using a damp cloth, clean the surface area you’re going to cover.
  • With a help of a leveler, mark your outlines with blue tape. I cut a 1 inch blue tape roll in the middle with a utility knife. I needed half inch spacing between the mountain shapes so it worked well.

  • Start filling in the mountains with vinyl tape  in the pattern of your choice. Press down the tape on the wall as you’re applying to make sure it sticks. Use a leveler and/or ruler if helpful. I free-handed mine.
  • TIP 1: Do not stretch the vinyl tape as you’re applying it because it will ‘shrink’ and you’ll end up with shorter lines soon after. (lesson learned for me!) Leave some extra tape at the ends just in case some do ‘shrink’.
  • TIP 2: When doing horizontal lines, start from the bottom up so your lines are straight as the surface area to be covered decreases.

  • Fill in all your shapes.

  • With the utility knife/blade, slowly cut the ends of the vinyl tape where it touches the blue tape.

  • Slowly remove all the blue tape.

  • All done! Now sit back and enjoy the view! 😊

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