World Map Sticker with Pictures

I received the vinyl world map sticker as a gift and decided to put it to use. For this display I wanted to also include pictures from places I visited, with my family and friends. The dilemma, however, was how to display those pictures. I considered connecting pictures to the respective spot on the map via strings. After some trial and error I decided to keep it ‘clean’ and just mark the spots we visited with red dots. Below is the list of materials and steps for this (easy and fun) project.

Vinyl world map sticker ( or stencil)
– Squeegee
– Pictures in different sizes
– Cutter or scissors


Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4 hours
  • Once you’ve picked the location and cleaned the surface with a clean cloth, follow the package instructions for applying the map on your wall.
TIP: Depending on the type of vinyl sticker you’re using, you might see some ‘bubbling’ after applying it. Try to clear them out with a squeegee. If that doesn’t work, using a utility knife, slice through the crease.
  • Select and print your pictures. I printed all of mine on 4×6 paper. For the smaller pictures, I arranged several on a page (in a Word doc), printed and cut around each.
  • Apply the command poster strips on the back of each picture then place on the wall in your desired location.

  • Place a red dot in the corresponding place on the map.

P.S. This is an ongoing project, really. As I visit more places, I will keep adding pictures on the wall and dots on the map. I think it’s a neat way of displaying vacation pictures and memories. I’m now thinking about finding a way to display my bucket list and places I plan on visiting in the future. TBC!

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